Maximum acceptable transport time to ensure ≤ -16°C during transport.

The PCR kits from Innovative Diagnostics – ID.Vet® must be maintained at ≤ -16°C during transport. To avoid excessive freight charges, we use isothermal packaging to transport these products over short periods.

This study was performed to determine the maximum transport time whereby products remain at ≤ -16°C for the duration of transport.

Material & Methods:
The test was performed with isothermal packages,
(35cm x 31cm x 39cm), containing:
• 6 frozen packs
• 8 PCR kits (maximum capacity).

The temperature was recorded inside the packages using a Cobalt 2 tracker from Oceasoft®. This instrument follows the exposure of the inside of the package at different temperatures. Packages stored at +21°C and +37°C for 4 days.

The temperature of the inside of the package and the kits was ≤ -16°C:
• after 55 hours at +21°C, and
• after 36 hours at +37°C.

To ensure that kits remain at ≤-16°C during shipping, isothermal packaging may only be used if transport time is less than 48 hours.

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