Our Selection standards

True to our Business Philosophy and aligned with the #ONEHEALTH principle defined by the WHO and OIE, we offer the best and most complete solutions on the market, which come from qualified suppliers with the highest quality standards, and leading players in the development of diagnostic tests in various techniques.

In addition to considering the traditional quality assurance factors in the production of a diagnostic kit, the companies we represent contemplate more than 10 additional characteristics for this kit to reach the market, among which are:


Try to ensure that the kits are accurate enough for use in the designated species but try to expand their use to other species that may intervene in their epidemiology, this is the case of Multi-species kits.


Its implementation requires basic facilities, and equipment of various origins and affordable prices. The variety of kits is adapted to the characteristics and complexity of each laboratory.



Is the ability to test positive to an animal that is actually infected


Analytical Sensitivity

Is the estimated amount of analyte in a given sample that would produce a positive result at least part of the time.



Is the ability to test negative to an animal that is not infected


Analytical Especificity

The ability of the test to distinguish between the target analyte (such as an antibody, microorganism, or genomic sequence) and non-target analytes, including sample components.


It is the variation of the measurements obtained with a measurement system when it is used several times by a user, measuring the same characteristic and the same sample.



Characteristic that refers to the variation in the average of the measurements made by different evaluators using the same measurement system when the same characteristic is measured and on the same sample


Ability of a test not to be affected by small variations in the situations in which the analysis is carried out, which could take place during the execution of the test inside or outside the laboratory.

Economic Viability

Ability to be implemented without incurring high economic costs, and looking for a positive result in the cost: benefit ratio.


All the components of our kits are made of recyclable materials, a significant decrease (98%) in reagents that may eventually affect people and the environment.

“Human and animal health are interdependent and linked to the ecosystems in which they coexist”

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