Corporate Social Responsability

One of the social commitments of BIOADVANCE® is the CHipInPet® program, which gives Identity to pets through a Microchip linked to a Public Electronic Identification Sheet, installed on the site www.chipinpet.com.

Through the years we have updated the program to the needs of society, in a platform for the recovery of lost animals in natural disasters such as Avalanches, Earthquakes, etc., and that in emergency situations will facilitate their owners the location and temporary relocation of their animals.

More information: info@chipinpet.com

“In my opinion, the successful companies of the future will be those that decide to align the company’s values ​​with the personal values ​​of its employees. The best talents want to do work that contributes to society, with a company whose values ​​they share, where their actions count and their opinions matter”


Jeroen van der Veer, Shell

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