The continuous update feedback process allows you to be ahead in the development of specific diagnostic products for epidemiological situations such as Schmallenberg epidemic, Avian Vectorized Vaccines, Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits, lyophilization of qPCR-RT kits, COVID.

French company oriented to the production of tests for the diagnosis of diseases in Industrial Animals, ranging from the Rapid Agglutination technique, through ELISA, to qPCR-RT with Endogenous and Exogenous controls to verify compliance with the protocols of conservation, extraction, and amplification of samples. More than 100 products in constant updating and evaluation by the main Reference Laboratories of the World recognized by the OIE as: ANSES (France), FLI (Germany), DEVENTER (Holland), Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale (Italy), AHVLA (England) , CISA-INIA (Spain), and recently USDA (USA).

With ID.Vet® we have the immense responsibility of providing the official tests for Epidemiological Surveillance programs of strategic diseases for the different Official Laboratories of Central America, such as Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Classical and African Swine Fever, Avian Influenza, among others.




ID.Vet® offers the most complete program for the diagnosis of Brucella abortus, mellitensis and suis, with the serum screening test with Rose Bengal Antigen, confirmation by means of Indirect ELISA in Serum or Milk samples, and the qPCR kit for identification of Brucella sp. in tissue or milk samples. Our kits are used in the official and academic sector of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama.

Bovine Leukosis

This worldwide disease also affects livestock in our region, an essential requirement for international trade. We offer two alternatives to be included in the programs: Screening through the Agar Gel Immunodiffusion Technique (AGID), and Confirmation with the Competitive ELISA test: ID Screen® BLV Competition



Tuberculosis is a zoonosis of great importance for the Human and Animal health of the world. For a time, it was believed that the incidence was low, but in developed countries that maintained and maintains an active epidemiological surveillance program, they show that it is more current than ever. Tuberculinization was used for many years as a screening and confirmation method, but this technique does not have the Sensitivity and Specificity required to achieve control and eradication of Mycobacterium. The Interferon Gamma (IFN-g) test is a test that has been used for dozens of years, and although previously its use was limited to regions with easy access and short distances, its use as a confirmation tool was unquestionable.

The ID Screen® Ruminant IFN-g arrived to fill the gap that existed, and we have demonstrated with this test the importance of not leaving aside the complete diagnostic scheme for this disease (Screening-Confirmation-Culture-Isolation and Characterization of strains).

Among the offer of elements to include in the programs we have the qPCR-RT ID Gene® Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Duplex kit, which includes an exogenous control to certify that the extraction and amplification steps complied with the protocols defined for the test, and that the result is validated.

African Swine Fever

Disease that was had for many years as a disease limited to wild pigs in Asia and Europe, and that for many years had a qualification of “Exotic Disease”, then went to a status of “Emerging Disease”, at present it is an Epidemic which has reduced the commercial pig population in Asia and Europe by more than 25%.

ID.Vet® always attentive to the course of each disease with significance in animal and human health, has been the protagonist with the ID Screen® African Swine Fever Competition Competitive ELISA kit, and the qPCR-RT ID Gene® African Swine test Fever Duplex (the only one in the world in lyophilized presentation) to help implement Prevention and Control programs for this serious disease in the regions.


We can proudly say that we offer the most complete group of kits for influenza diagnosis, both for screening groups of animals such as Birds, Equines, and Swine; kits for serological diagnosis of subtypes such as N1, N2, N9, H5, H7 and H9; Nucleoprotein detection kits (DIVA), and of course the complementary group of qPCR ID Gene® Influenza A Duplex, Multispecies, and Duplex H9 kits.

Equine Infectious Anemia

With unbeatable quality, and thanks to its high Sensitivity and Specificity we offer the kit for the diagnosis of Antibodies against Equine Infectious Anemia Virus ID.Vet® EIA AGID, which uses the Immunodiffusion in Gel Agar technique defined by the OIE as the “Standard Gold” technique for serological diagnosis; and if there is any doubtful result, we offer the kit that by means of the ELISA Sandwich technique (Double Antigen) confirms positive or suspicious samples.

Evaluation of Vectorized and / or Recombinant Vaccines

Since 2.014 ID.Vet® began its project to develop kits exclusively oriented to the diagnosis of vaccine titers when Vectorized and/or Recombinant Vaccines are used. For this development ID.Vet® worked alongside the leaders in the production of this type of vaccines, and to date, the following have been developed, among others:

. ID Screen® IBD VP2 (HTV-VP2)
. ID Screen® ILT gI Indirect (rHTV-gI)
. ID Screen® ILT gB (FP-ILTgB)
. ID Screen® Newcastle Disease Indirect (HTV-NDV)

Certified Reference Control Serums

Aware of the need to provide more certainty to the qualities of each kit offered, ID.Vet® has certified Positive and Negative Control sera before the OIE Reference Laboratories for all the diagnostic products it produces in its various techniques.

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