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BIOADVANCE CENTROAMERICA S.A. – BIOADVANCE® is a Costa Rican company specialized in the import and sale of materials, tests and equipment for human and animal laboratory diagnostics, in the Central American region. We serve the public, private and academic sectors.

We began our work in 2011, and since then, we have been in a continuous expansion throughout Central America, acquiring the experience to diversify during this new decade in other areas where we have extensive knowledge and with the support of the great human talent that we have, to be able to develop solutions tailored to our clients.

Our Business Lines

Veterinary Medicine

We offer a wide range of diagnostic solutions, of great help for the practice of Veterinary Medicine, from the simplest screening tests to diagnostic imaging tests.

Covid – 19

We offer a complete catalog of tests for the diagnosis of Antibodies and Antigens related to SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, of a sufficiently demonstrated quality, and with characteristics that make them superior to the competition. CE, IVD certificates.

10 years leading the diagnostic test market in Costa Rica and Central America.



Increased contact with wild and domestic animals are factors that have favored the transmission of diseases between animals and people.


– Gilles Kleitz, director of the AFD Ecological Transition Department.

The current health crisis sheds new light on the urgency of designing public policies that integrate the One Health components.


– Patrick Dauby, AFD Health Division project manager.

The contribution of doctors, veterinarians, ecologists, agronomists, sociologists and anthropologists helps to understand the problems from multiple aspects.


– Marie Edan, head of the AFD Agriculture, Biodiversity and Rural Development project

Social Responsability

Pets Identification

We understand the importance of the correct pets identification, a very important member of each family at a universal level. That is why we offer Microchips and RFID Readers certified by ICAR under the ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards.

The latest from our Blog

Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)

Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)

Canine influenza is one of several viruses that cause canine infectious respiratory disease complex (kennel cough). Symptoms are typically mild but can progress to pneumonia. A vaccine for canine influenza is available with no more than the typical side effects of any...

How do herd closure and rollover contribute to eliminating PRRS?

How do herd closure and rollover contribute to eliminating PRRS?

Researchers from China demonstrated the application of herd closure and the rollover approach without deliberate live virus exposure in a farrow-to-finishing herd after a severe PRRS outbreak. Herd closure and rollover is a popular PRRSV elimination strategy with...

Avian influenza: mink species particularly problematic

Avian influenza: mink species particularly problematic

The Finnish Food Authority has declared that all minks be euthanised at fur farms where avian influenza has been detected. According to the Finnish Food Authority, this decision has been made because the upper respiratory tract of a mink contains receptors that can...

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