Three cases of Avian Influenza Type A, Subtype H5 in wild birds, were discovered in Puerto Viejo de Limón, according to the National Animal Health Service (Senasa).

The birds were transferred to a quarantine area, national authorities said.
Quarantine, tracking and control of the areas close to the detected outbreak are part of the first measures.

Due to the confirmation of the cases, epidemiological surveillance in backyard birds is intensified, as is training on the disease for personnel involved in the management of wild birds.

“The identified outbreak is limited to wild birds; the disease has not been reported in domestic birds. The cases that were located in the Caribbean region are under control and do not represent a risk for commercial poultry establishments, said Alexis Sandi, head of Senasa’s Epidemiology Department.

These cases do not affect the export of poultry products, according to the Terrestrial Animal Health Code.
The consumption of products such as chicken meat, turkey, eggs, among others, is safe, according to the Senasa authorities.
If you find a sick or dead bird, do not touch or handle it, report it immediately to Senasa or the National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) .

Article of: Allan Madriz