Bioguard Corporation is an international corporation that develops, manufactures and markets animal diagnostic and service kits for veterinary clinics and hospitals. The production of its diagnostic tests is developed with the same standards of diagnostic kits for humans. They are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited in Taiwan and China and are among the top 5 diagnostic market leaders.

Feline Blood Typing Kit

Test based on agglutination reaction and is intended to classify cat blood.

This kit is impregnated with dry anti-A antibody or lectin to determine A, B, or AB blood type.

Antibiotic susceptibility Test (AST)

Antibiotic susceptibility testing simplifies the complicated procedures of traditional testing. By skipping the bacteria isolation step, the test provides results for veterinarians’ reference in just 12-24 hours. It is easy and convenient to use in the clinic without the need to outsource the test.

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