Panama. Reinforcing the surveillance of animal mobilization checkpoints and the release of sterile flies in West Panama, Herrera and Veraguas, are part of the immediate actions coordinated by the Animal Health and Agricultural Quarantine Directorates of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA). , together with the Panama United States Commission for the Eradication and Prevention of the Livestock Screwworm (COPEG), to intensify actions for the control and eradication of the screwworm.

For this purpose, a meeting was held with the managers of these agencies, where they discussed the issuance of a decree so that producers do not evade checkpoints and allow animals to be inspected to prevent the worm from spreading to other areas. from the country.

According to the director of COPEG for Panama, Enrique Samudio, a search is currently being made looking for new cases and new notifications, for which reason producers are called upon to report if they detect any cases of screwworm in their animals in order to respond accordingly. immediately and control it.

As part of the joint actions, a strategy has been drawn up that includes tracking, sampling, orientation and training actions for producers, technical personnel from other institutions and private individuals; Brigades will be formed made up of veterinarians from the Animal Health Directorate, internal veterinarians and MIDA assistants together with veterinarians and COPEG technicians.

It is highlighted that the participation of farmers is important for the success of this animal health campaign, with the application of the following measures: frequent inspection of animals, timely treatment of animal wounds, taking and sending samples of worms, transportation only healthy animals and case reports.

Myiasis or worm caused by the Livestock Screwworm (GBG) is a parasitic disease that affects live warm-blooded animals, production, pets and humans.

The collaboration of the public in general, producers and livestock specialists is requested, who upon finding a possible case of worm, immediately notify 800-2673 (COPEG emergency number) and/or 6550-8486 (emergency number DYNASE MEASURE).