Human Medicine

We have specialized equipment for medical practice in the following areas:

Radiology: We offer protection for conventional X-ray Generator equipment (Directional or Panoramic), Linear Accelerators, and Gammagraphy Equipment (Iridium Equipment 192 (Ir-192), Cobalt 60 (Co-60), Selenium Equipment 75 (Se -75), and Other Radioisotopes.

Personal Radiological Surveillance: We offer Passive Dosimeters of Thermoluminescence (or dosimetric plate), and Active Dosimeters of Direct Reading (DLD), which comply with the EN 61526 norms of AENOR.

X-Ray Protectors: We offer Leaded aprons, Leaded Protectors for Head, Thyroid and Gonads, gloves, goggles and leaded mittens, Skirts and Leaded Vests, Leaded Barriers, and X-Ray Cabins.

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