ORGANIC-SHEEP® is the new BIOADVANCE® project whose objective is the Organic Production of

This project will be developed at Hacienda la Bendición, located in the Pozo de Agua sector of the
San Antonio District, Canton of Nicoya, Province of Guanacaste.

The start-up comprises:

1. Conversion Process
– Water Provision Assurance
– Soil Analysis and improvement of these through Ecological and Sustainable practices
– Design of the Productive Unit: Includes Paddocks, Forest Protection Areas, Lodging, Protein Bank,
and Cutting Pasture.
– Sowing pastures and green material
– Software Programming for Traceability of the processes in the Cloud

2. Start of Production
– Animal’s introduction
– Adjustment of Zootechnical, Sanitary, and Cultural Activities
– Sacrifice Plant Certification
– Adjustment Byproduct Management
– Definition of Markets

3. Expansion
– Define sustainable productive vocation in the neighbors
– Organization of Neighbors
– Neighbors Training
– Conversion to Organic

4. Added Value
– Meat
– Head, Guts, Legs, and Ruminal Content
– Leathers