I’d like to share our product brochure which contains study result of VCheck Antibody titer. (CPV Ab, CDV Ab, CAV Ab)

V-Check Ab titers are showing pretty good correlation result when it’s compared with Gold Standard method like HI Test, VN Test (better than Ab titer competitor, “I” kit).

Each sample was tested in 3 way.

  • Gold standard method (HI, VN test) in Cornell university, USA
  • BioNote VCheck
  • ‘I’ Commercial Kit

Benefit and usage of V-Check Ab titer

  • Regular health check, checking pet’s immune status
  • Prevent unnecessary vaccination


If you’re not familiar with V-Check Ab titer, or want more information about this tests, please kindly send a mail to info@bioadvance.life and we’ll send all information about it.