Like people, pets should also have a regular health check and determine if everything is working well. Health check-ups are especially useful for determining problems that are often incipient and that can be treated without major complications. It is advisable to use veterinary medicine as a preventive and early detection means.

Health check: how often is it recommended?

Veterinary medicine is one of the best preventive means, thanks to the early detection of conditions and diseases in general. Hence the importance of taking pets to have a health check and thus avoid having more serious complications over time.

The frequency with which a pet should be taken to the veterinarian will depend on several factors, but without a doubt, age is a key factor. In the case of puppies or pups, they should be carried much more frequently. The reason is that during the first months of life is when the whole process of vaccination of the animal is carried out.

When it comes to adults, the ideal and most recommended is to take them twice a year. In that consultation the veterinarian will make a general check and determine if they require the reinforcement of any of the vaccines, as well as a deworming process. In this regard, it is important to remember to place the booster on both the rabies and the six-fold vaccine. Remember that the rabies vaccine is mandatory in almost every country in the world.

If the dog is in incredibly good health, the frequency of visiting the veterinarian can be reduced to once a year. However, as previously mentioned, the ideal is to take pets once every six months.

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