«BIOADVANCE® has entered into an alliance with the company ALLSCIENCE of the United States, and offers a complete test scheme for complete and reliable diagnosis using Molecular Biology techniques for the 2019-nCoV Virus responsible for the COVID-19 Pandemic»


Cytokines, including interleukins, interferons, and chemokines, are signaling glycoproteins secreted in response to an immune response or in cellular regulatory processes. Cytokines can have pleiotropic, overlapping, and sometimes contradictory functions depending on their concentration, the type of cell on which they are acting, and the presence of other cytokines and mediators.

Current COVID-19 research suggests that IL-6 may be playing an important role in the inflammatory response seen in the later stages of infection.

Enzo Life Sciences offers a wide selection of cytokine kits for innate and adaptive immunity research, which guarantee:

  • Ultrasensitivity. They allow to quantify low concentrations of cytokines.
  • Specificity. Very low cross reactivity.
  • Reproducibility. They guarantee reproducible results, batch after batch.

Scientific validation. Regular citations in major magazines.

More information: https://www.enzolifesciences.com/platforms/cellular-analysis/cell-signaling/immune-inflammation-signaling/cytokine-elisa-kits/?utm_source=2020-03-COVID19-Interleukin-IL-ELISAs&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=COVID19