By: Ana Victoria Díaz Medina


At present, the human being is the main factor in the intervention of the extinction of animals, as there are species that are already on the extinction list for not respecting and caring for them, since they are part of our planet.

The record that was presented in the year of 1970 has registered 60% of species removed from the face of the Earth such as mammals, reptiles and fish that over time have disappeared from the face of the Earth.

There are scientists alarmed by these types of problems that have been occurring with animals, WWF (World Wildlife Fund), points out that pollutants vary from the food used and consumed by humans and that sometimes not only threaten against the life of animals if not theirs.

Mike Barrett, executive director of science and conservation at WWF commented that humanity has not made aware of the situation that animals are experiencing, that, when disappearing from Earth, we will no longer see specimens because the species disappears completely .

Bob Watson, environmental scientist, said that it can be interpreted as the sixth mass extinction of animals, since it makes a comparison of this phenomenon with that of climate change of which the two have already become a danger of humanity caused by us same.

Actually, conserving the species so as not to reach the consequence as extinction is the task of all people, because caring for them does not cost much although the benefit they get from animals derives from the skin, meat, which from them it comes, but in reality the unscrupulous actions are from human activities

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