Last July, the Animal Angels NGOs and the National Association for the Defense of Animals (ANDA) conducted an investigation into the degree of compliance with Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during their transport on the route between Spain and Italy .

At that time, the investigation teams found various breaches of Regulation 1/2005 that cause damage to transported animals.

Consequently, the NGOs contacted the competent authorities in the places of origin in Spain informing about the breaches and recommending them a series of measures. «Among them we proposed a greater veterinary presence at the time of loading, we do not limit the veterinary procedure to the administrative part,» they indicate.

In October, a transport of animals “completely overloaded with young horses from Spain to Italy” was accompanied by NGOs and inspected by Italian authorities. Therefore, I went to the Veterinary Office in Spain that had authorized transportation.

“The biggest problem is that the official veterinarians do not see the transports. Unfortunately, the law does not require on-site inspections to be carried out when animals are loaded on long-distance transport. As the veterinary offices in the region do not have enough personnel, they do not have the capacity to carry out voluntary inspections ”, they denounce.

They also point out that the provision of veterinarians is the same as that of NGOs, “they agree with us that many infractions can be avoided by effective on-site inspections and, above all, that the suffering of Animals during long trips. Therefore, they want to advocate with their Ministry to deploy official veterinarians for on-site inspections of long-distance animal transport. ”

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