Constant itching, frequent licking and chewing, losing fur, bumpy rashes. Sound familiar? If you are the owner of a dog with allergies, you’ve likely seen it all. And you have likely tried just about everything to remedy the situation. At best, your dog’s itching is a minor nuisance. But if the cause is a serious allergy attack, both you and your canine companion have likely experienced quite a bit of frustration and you may be concerned about longer term damage to your dog’s skin and coat.

We’ve been there, too. Our team at Whole Dog Journal has (unfortunately!) moved through this experience several times, in fact. And as a result, we are happy to share with you what we consider the most effective and practical way to get to the bottom of your dog’s allergies, How to Treat Common Canine Allergies.

This course will help you diagnose and treat common canine allergies and win the war on these allergies. You will learn to identify the three most common allergies as well as pick up common-sense strategies to take action against the conditions.

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