The annual meeting of BIONOTE Distributors  was held in Cancun, Mexico from October 9 to 11.

Distributors from various countries around the world, near to 40, whose objective was to review the wide range of diagnostic products for Pets offered by BIONOTE, in the techniques of Immunochromatography and Automatic Immunofluorescence; topics were also discussed on the developments that will be released next year, and there was a great exchange of experiences among all Distributors.

We had the privilege of listening to an excellent scientific conference from the renowned Veterinary Internist Dr. Hector del Riego de México, and of course various social activities.

We thank Dr. Fabio Rodriguez of Mexico (IMPOTRADE), and Mr. Ryan Kim (World Sales Director of BIONOTE), and his excellent group of collaborators; Jessica, Andrea, and Eiden, this invitation and the insurmountable attention we receive from them. Despite the variety of cultures, it was an excellent event full of great energy from all the participants, which encourages us to continue offering Quality, Service and Responsibility for our clients.

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