By Alfonso Hernandez

On the farm where a specimen died from the disease

A new case of paralytic bovine rabies puts the authorities of the National Animal Health Service (SENASA) on alert, who pay close attention to the progress of these incidents, especially since this is the fourth positive case in recent months.

With a view to the newly discovered case, in which the beef died, the authorities of SENASA ordered that a total of 65 head of cattle belonging to the same farm where the case of the disease was found be vaccinated.

According to SENASA, it is common for some outbreaks to occur due to the jungle cycle of the disease, a reason for the entity to call the owners of the animals for prevention, with a view to carrying out the respective vaccination.

Rabies is a virus that annually ends the lives of 60 thousand people, and in the case of Costa Rica only one event was recorded in 2018.

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