The US Department of Agriculture confirms the presence of avian disease in the state of Utah, which would be related to the previous outbreaks reported in California. The virulent Newcastle disease (vND) continues to spread throughout the United States. US authorities confirmed the presence of avian disease in the state of Utah (west). According to separate press releases from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) attached to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF), the most recent case in that state is related to the outbreak of the vND disease that has been active in Southern California since May 2018. In fact, three of the birds in the recently affected flock, described by the UDAF as «exhibition poultry,» were moved to Utah from Los Angeles County, California, in January, and settled in a small domestic flock in Utah County, Utah.

The state agency said it received a report of a possible vND case and quarantined the site. The presence of vND in birds was confirmed by the laboratories of the National Veterinary Service (NVS) in Iowa.

The UDAF indicated, in addition, that the disease is currently contained in a single flock and that it has not been detected in any commercial flock of poultry in the state.

APHIS and UDAF are working together to respond to the situation and are carrying out additional surveillance and testing in the area, it was indicated.

While this is the first confirmed case of vND in Utah, there have been 299 confirmed cases in California. Three of those cases were in commercial flocks of poultry, all in Riverside County. The most recent case of vND in commercial poultry was in a flock of commercial layers that included at least 100,000 birds. That case was confirmed on January 10. Before that, another flock of commercial layers was affected. The case was confirmed on January 8 and there were 159,000 laying hens in that flock. The first case of vND confirmed in a commercial flock during this outbreak was in a flock of 110,000 laying chicks, and that case was announced on December 15, 2018. Before the recent outbreak of vND, the last time there was a confirmed case of vND in a commercial flock of birds in the United States was in 2003, according to APHIS.

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