By Deven King on December 13, 2017

National Association of Egg Farmers asks members of Michigan Senate to oppose their cage-free bill.

Legislation that would delay the implementation of cage-free confinement standards for egg-laying hens by more than five years moved out of a Senate committee 4-1 this week. SB 0660 pushes the cage-free standards back to October 12, 2025, as opposed to April 1, 2020.

Some fear that the 2020 date does not properly align with the date set by restaurants and grocery chains to make the transition to selling only cage-free eggs and their products. «The majority of egg buyers have embraced a commitment to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2025. This leaves a five-year gap between current law and the five-year commitment. This gap would have a major disruptive impact on Michigan’s egg industry,” said Meekhof legislative director Jennifer Merchant said according to Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS).

Sen. Darwin Booher was the only committee member to vote against the bill, not because he is opposed to delaying the date, but because he is against the whole idea of mandatory cage-free egg standards. Booher also voted against the original bill in 2009.

«I think it sets a bad precedent for all animals we raise in Michigan. I know of no science that tells me eggs produced under a cage-free standard are any safer or taste any better. Meanwhile, here we are forcing our egg industry to spend an additional $50 million to comply with this,» Booher said to MIRS.

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