Cholito Law: Bachelet promulgates rule on responsible pet ownership

The Law establishes a National Register of Pet and Company Animals, grants powers to municipalities to relocate abandoned dogs and increases sanctions for animal abuse.

A National Pet Registry, new municipal ordinances, and fines for animal abuse and neglect. These are some of the points contemplated by the new Law on Responsible Tenure of Pets and Company animals , known as the “Cholito Law”, and which was promulgated this morning by President Michelle Bachelet from Chile.

«It is a law longed for so long by many Chileans that represents a relevant step to ensure the proper care of pets and also sets a new standard to deal with them, a law that establishes essential measures for their protection, which promotes the society’s responsibility towards the animals and allows us to control the negative effects and risks caused by the abandonment and lack of regulation, «said the President.

He also said that pets «are faithful friends, playmates, great therapists and are excellent communicators, even if they do not use words. With this Law, society recognizes the love and appreciation we have for them, ensures that they have the appropriate conditions for their needs and promotes a greater awareness and culture of respect and care for animals. «

According to detailed to Head of State, among the fundamental points of the rule highlights the National Register of all pets that will be carried out between the Ministry of the Interior and municipalities. «They will be permanently identified, for example, by means of a Microchip and associated with a person in charge of their responsible ownership.»

«With this, it is possible to avoid harmful behaviors such as abandonment or permanence in places that do not meet the appropriate conditions for their care».

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