Animal behavior experts agree that it’s wise to protect your dog from unintended negative consequences caused by electric shock systems by simply not using them

By Lauri Bowen-Vaccare

Do you use an underground electric shock fence to contain your dog? Are you considering having one installed? I hope reading this will change your mind.

More and more neighborhoods prohibit or limit the use of fencing, and as this occurs, the use of these non-visible electric shock perimeters has drastically increased. Manufacturers and retailers claim that these products are humane, effective means by which to safely confine dogs without disrupting the aesthetics of neighborhoods. Companies that sell these products generally target families who:

  • Live on larger pieces of land
  • Don’t want to lose their “view”
  • Are looking for a cheaper alternative to fencing,
  • Live in neighborhoods that prohibit fences or require expensive, decorative styles

Modern dog behavior specialists generally agree that these products are neither safe nor humane for dogs or humans. Many dog training and behavior professionals have concluded that these products are the source of many fear-based behaviors, including aggression, and are only as effective as the pain and fear they inflict upon the dogs who live behind them.

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