The LWC (Liquid Waste Compactor) is a product that complements any hygiene work in the home, office, restaurants, hotels whose function is to compact and gel liquid waste of all kinds (soft drinks, coffee, water, leachate, urine, etc.). which facilitates its collection. Made with natural ingredients, 100% biodegradable, and its use promotes water savings in cleaning processes, rinsing of surfaces and utensils.

Dry cleaning is the most efficient way to perform any program of Hygiene and Disinfection, in addition to reducing collection times, the materials used in these processes, and reduce the sometimes unpleasant impact that usually occur with these liquids.

Additionally, it contains an odor neutralizer that acts immediately, blocking off unpleasant aromas.


Use 15 grams of product (One tablespoon) per liter of liquid waste, wait five (5) minutes until it completely gels; this product will completely absorb the liquid without leaving residues, and then simply use a dustpan and broom, and throw it into the trash can. You can also use a vacuum cleaner because the LWC does not leak fluids after gelling.


The LWC is completely natural, is not harmful to humans and animals, does not contain aldehydes and if accidentally swallowed in small quantities it will not cause any adverse effects.

Generously cover any organic liquid spilled on its surface, the recommended dose is sufficient to absorb it completely, facilitate its collection and final disposal.

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