If you have ever wondered what is the origin of your pet or any other breed of dog, what we are going to show you next can be very useful. And today we are going to offer you some of the posters made by the Malaysian artist Lili Chin.

With the aim of teaching in a playful way where the different types of dogs that exist in the world come from, the talented Asian illustrator has made 21 fun posters that show the origin of more than 200 dogs from all over the planet. It is about the colorful series «Dogs of the World» («Dogs of the World»). Do you want to discover more details? Would you like to take a look at the posters? Well, do not miss any of what we offer you next!

In order to teach us where the different races of the world come from, Lili Chin has created this series of illustrations for her own website, Doggie Drawings, which serves as an illustrated guide, since in them the vast majority of the dogs of the world appear but grouped by their area of ​​origin: the Iberian Peninsula, Africa, Australia, Russia, Ireland, France … The best of all is that with this and his other work, Lili Chin collaborates with various animal protectors. In fact, according to the artist herself, she has already been able to donate more than 13,000 dollars to help other dogs. Without further delay, we leave you with our gallery, where you can see all the posters of Lili Chin. Of course, if you want to have them at home with the best quality, it is best to get them on Etsy. In addition, you can get these illustrations in other formats. Do you dare to get hold of them?

More info: https://animalmascota.com/posters-que-muestran-el-origen-de-mas-de-200-razas-de-perros/