The most likely thing is that your dog is already creating tartar (depending on their age), and in the next few years the chances of developing this problem, with the consequent heart problems, are over 95%. Find out why and how to prevent it. .

99% of dogs eat commercial foods and more than 90% produce tartar …

  • Remember that 99% of dogs are fed with commercial foods (pellets), that is to say that they are the cause of these periodontal problems. Periodontal diseases, especially tartar, are directly influenced, and developed, by tartar. Carnivores, including your dog, do not develop tartar in the wild
  • I do not know if you have seen the tartar plates that form between the teeth and the gums of dogs Terrible! (As the photo of the beginning) they deform the gum. Do you think that in nature carnivores (wolves, coyotes, foxes, lions, tigers, hyenas, dogs …) develop these tartar plates? Never! They do not have a denture Colgate! But they DO NOT HAVE PLATES OF SARRO Why? Well, because they DO NOT eat BALLS, they eat what a damn carnivore eats! Most food companies see the dog first as a business, their health is relegated
  • How is it possible that a company that is dedicated to producing thousands of tons of «dog food» that are the cause of tartar invite the veterinarian to talk about the issue? Well, because first they «educated» the veterinarian to believe that the best they could do for the dog’s nutrition was to give him pellets and only pellets, and now they invite him to teach him «the benefits of a product against the Sarro» that they produce to fight the tartar! Very strong! Do not? Dog with tartar equal to dog with heart problems
  • Dogs that eat natural diets (homemade) WELL PREPARED AND PROPER FOR DOGS do not develop tartar why? Because a well-prepared natural diet for a dog contains the necessary elements (as in nature), to NOT develop tartar and other periodontal problems. In addition to heart problems. Yes, cardiac. The plaque is a bacterial plaque that deforms the gum, this plaque of bacteria between the gum and the tooth passes into the bloodstream and the first place where it reaches the heart, some of these bacteria stay there developing bacterial endocarditis with fatal consequences. There are food companies (very ethical) that recommend that the dog eat bones
  • Bones are a fundamental part of the diet of a carnivore as your dog. Do not believe me but food companies that I consider that they make high quality food (Wysong, Perfect Pet, Merrick). These companies do not produce pellets, they make RAW FOOD for dogs and cats and you know what they tell you? If you want a healthy dog ​​DO NOT give them only the food that they sell, they also recommend that you give them homemade food and leftovers of your food WITH MODERATION AND IN JUST PROPORTION. * Unfortunately these foods are only found in the United States and some countries in Europe

Bones are part of a healthy diet of a dog to avoid tartar

  • These same companies recommend that IF YOU WANT A HEALTHY DOG WITHOUT PROBLEMS OF SARRO, include bones in your diet. Just do not do it if you do not know, first learn. The inclusion of bones in the diet of a carnivore is fundamental for the amount of nutrients present in them, and at the dental level it strengthens the gums, exercises the masticatory muscles and combats the tartar.
  • How to avoid such a serious problem of tartar and other periodontal diseases in my dog? Well, not giving as a main food commercial food and giving natural diets (homemade) WELL ELABORATED, these include bones in a specific proportion (too much bone is also bad).

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