Excerpted from Training the Best Dog Ever by Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz and Larry Kay

Is your dog allowed on the couch or comfy chairs? Some trainers believe that allowing dogs on furniture undermines your authority, but I don’t agree. I think it’s an issue of personal preference and that whatever decision you make, you can keep your authority intact.

Of course, most dog owners have a furniture story to tell. My rule is no dogs on the couch, which my dogs obey when I’m home… but sometimes disobey when I’m out. One evening I came inside the house quietly and saw Jock, Merit, and Saxon scatter off the furniture like cockroaches. One of the pillows had been shredded. Even though Saxon had pillow fuzz all over his beard, I couldn’t do anything about it, since I didn’t catch him in the act. For a while after that, I put the x-pen panels on the couch and furniture, and kept the remaining pillow out of reach. In the end, when it comes to setting furniture rules, it’s important to stay consistent, and not to tempt your dog by leaving him alone in the room while you’re still training

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