Customer deployment is planned for the beginning of October, when we will send a newsletter an email to all users inviting them to contact us to download the new version. However, we are already starting to send it to some customers, and of course, to all new customers.

If you want to try the version, or if you want to install it as of now in your clients’ labs, please contact us at , and we will send you the necessary instructions and links to get the new version to you clients!

New features of ID.Soft 4.11 include :


  • Improvement of plate plan
  • New internal control well available: MRI (internal reference control), you can choose MRI from ID.Vet, or create your own MRI
  • You can now add control wells to the plate plan by right-clicking on the desired location
  • You can add empty wells to the plate plan
  • You can choose a maximum OD threshold (adjustable in settings) in the case of high OD values which are uninterpretable by the reader

Bugs fixed:


  • There is no more superposition of lines in the list when there are several pages in the report, or when the header is higher than default.

As a reminder, new features of version 4.10:


  • Soft is now compatible with reader Tecan Infinite F50


  • The TeamViewer module is now installed with ID.Soft for faster assistance After installation of version 4.0 , you will have an “ID Soft Teamviewer” icon on your computer desktop.


  • We have added a new report: Compare cases, Select multiple reports for comparison. You can compare result list and/or graphics
  • Improvements of previous report (Single file analyses):
  • Select multiple reports to be printed all at once
  • Reorganization of the top frame with all information for more consistency.
  • Possibility to customize the report: Print the list and/or the graph and/or the criteria.
  • Choose the position of the elements to: right, left, top, bottom
  • Color or B & W printing
  • Choose whether to print frames
  • Choose whether to print control wells
  • Choose whether to print the comments section only if it has been filled in
  • Modify status of samples abbreviations in Setting (“Tools / Settings”) Ex: Modify P, N, D by Pos. Neg. Doubt.


  •  The plate plan may now be filled in horizontally.
  • We added additional information about files (House, Flock and Age) for improved identification.
  • When a plate is read, the expiration date and the batch used are saved and automatically suggested at the next reading (for the same disease).
  • Font size automatically adapts on the plate plan according to informed values. Font size is configurable on the settings.


  • A new window is available for adding diseases (with memory of the last version used for each disease). It’s now possible to select diseases with different applications in a same file.
  • Hide diseases which are not used (Go to “Tools / Settings”).
  • It’s now possible to modify Gumboro thresholds. Adding « Hot » and « Very Hot » vaccine strain
  • The user « Admin » may modify Gumboro thresholds after printing the report.

Other improvements:

  • Change selection filters for Folders, Tests, and Reports: Now by default, you see all folders and reports. The default display period (30 days) is adjustable in the settings.
  • Images buttons changed for better understanding.
  • Filters added : “Name of farm”, “Flock code”, “House”, “Flock age”.

More Info: