Bacteria from fermented products strengthen the immune system and decrease cell death

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help digest some foods and strengthen our immune system. In recent years probiotics have gained popularity, as some of its healthy benefits have been demonstrated: we can find them in fermented foods and some beverages as common as yogurt.

Among the proven qualities of probiotics, some scientists have discovered that they are encouraging to fight cancer. Because of their immunological property and other attributes, such as the fact that they can combat the growth of pro-carcinogens, probiotics stimulate the mucosal secretion of INF-gamma, which reverses the genetic programming that causes cell death.

In traditional cancer treatments, benign cells are usually affected simultaneously when malignant ones are attacked, but probiotics do not cause this harmful sequel. Probiotics are not considered a cure for cancer but an incentive to combat it.

Fortunately, studies are increasingly opening up to the world of bacteria; After being considered malignant for a long time, is being found that, in fact, we are conformed by them: 90% of our organism is made of bacteria and microorganisms, more than 250 different families

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