An economical and easy to implement solution for efficient washing of ELISA plates, requiring less maintenance than washing machines

It is ideal for washing ELISA plates small-scale and highly reliable «tool.

  1. Easy to operate: Hold the manifold to the plate and press the button to dispense the wash solution. Release the button to suck the liquid, which goes directly to the waste collection bottle.
  2. Simple and robust design:The CappWash is made not to fail. Our design of tube 2 in 1 prevents clogging channels. The work hand allows the user to make a more qualified plate, compared with automated washing for washers.
  3. Product description:- Compact, cheap and made to work on a small scale! Whether you work in a research or in a clinical laboratory, CappWash compact tool is ideal for small-scale immunological assays washing. Even in the tightest budget. CappWash is a perfect alternative dependence on department washers for washing micro plates and strips. – No programming required:

No electrical wiring connection. Only a washer that performs uniformly and efficiently every time. – Produced from high quality stainless steel and polypropylene, the washer is fully autoclavable as well as highly resistant to aggressive chemicals. – Washing is simple: Simply lower the tubes into the well and then push the button to complete and release the button to empty it. Now repeat the desired amount of washings and move to the next row. It’s that easy! – It is up to all types of wells: The washer can be adjusted to the desired depth very easily by simply adjusting the two screws found on either side of the tubes. – The CappWash is available in version 12 channels IDvet (Note: We use this system in our laboratories, but do not use the vacuum pump or the system of waste collection, and these items are not included in the product that are distributing). – This is an introductory video: