This competition held for the first time, driven by Purina, awarded a total of $ 60,000 to new companies that are improving the lives of pets and their owners.

St. Louis (October 26, 2016) – A game, learning and social platform for dogs and pet owners. An intelligent dish that helps ensure that pets get the nutrition they need. Fitness programs for pets and people. Treatment based on sheep’s milk for dogs. ELearning market for professionals in pets. The creators of these innovative products and services are being recognized as finalists in the first Innovation Award animal care, given by a partnership between Nestle Purina (world leader in pet care), and investment firms working capital and seed capital.

More than 80 companies from 11 countries applied for the Innovation Award Pet Care. The competition identifies and supports pet care companies in early stage in the growing global market, which has $ 60 billion in annual sales in the US only. Competition suits companies producing food, nutrition,pet care, games and technology products and services for dogs, cats and their owners. The five finalists will each receive a prize of $ 10,000, plus a dip in acceleration program several days for advice, guidance and access to business partners. One of the finalists the grand prize winner, to be announced later, and will receive an additional prize of $ 10,000 for business development and a place in the exhibition at the 2017 Global Pet Expo, one of the events will be selected industry’s largest pet in the world.

«Innovation is the promise of Purina, and it is also important to support development in the pet care industry in general,» said Blair Morgan, vice president of Marketing, Purina Innovation Group. «The innovation prize animal care about helping achieve the aspirations of entrepreneurs passionate care of pets, such as Purina, aim to help improve the lives of pets and pet owners.»

One of the five finalists are: • EWEGURT | South Barrington, Illinois | Founder: Jennifer Erdman | ewegurt.com Ewegurt is made from Sheep Milk Yogurt / dog food supplements with a patented sheep’s milk yogurt mix, protein, freeze-dried vegetables and fruit for storage stability. The EWEGURT also helps reduce pet anxiety, and promote the health of the immune and intestinal system.

For more information: JR Gran jrwider@cultivationcapital.com Wendy Vlieks Wendy.vlieks@purina.nestle.com