BIONOTE Inc., has developed the V-CHECK which is a fluorescence equipment for qualitative diagnostic laboratory testing immunochromatography, which offers greater sensitivity and specificity in tests related to the reader. The first test that hits the market in October, is C-reactive protein – CRP for canines.

The CRP is a member of the class of acute phase reactants, which means that during inflammatory processes occurring in the body, increase their levels dramatically. This increase is due to increased inflammatory factors produced predominantly by macrophages and adipocytes. CRP is associated phosphocholine in microorganisms, and is thought to assist in complement binding to foreign cells damaged or the body, and enhance phagocytosis by macrophages. It is also believed to play another important role in innate immunity as a first defense system against infection.

Normal levels of CRP increased by 6 hours, reaching a maximum at 48 hours. Its half-life is constant, therefore, its level is mainly determined by the production rate and, therefore, according to the severity of the disease that causes the inflammation process.

Other tests under development are:

– Free T4 (Dogs and Cats)

– Serum amyloid type A – SAA (Cats)

– Cortisol (Canines)

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