The renowned company Laboratorios Celina from Argentina with Dra. Celia Mohadeb as its scientific director, has given us the work of distributing its products under the brand MEMBRACEL®, which are basically Collagen 100% natural, a product that can be in their various presentations used for the treatment of varicose ulcers, burn wounds, skin replacement donor sites, surgical applications and a complete line of products for dental practice; which they have among others the following features:

  • 100% Natural and reabsorbable Product.
  • His transparency allows the medical professional check the inside of the area where it was applied.
  • Semipermeable, which allows drainage of liquid generated in the area where applied.
  • The MEMBRACEL® decreases pain by covering the nerve endings in the area where it is placed, without generating the expected inflammatory reactions when combinations of natural and synthetic products are used.

MEMBRACEL® offers the following product lines:

  • Collagen Membranes for external use.
  • Collagen Granules for external use.
  • Collagen Membranes for surgical use.
  • Collagen Membrane for use in otolaryngology.
  • Line Collagen Dressings for dental use.

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