The ID Gene® Brucella spp Triplex (IDBRU) developed by IDvet is based on a qPCR method.

Bacterial DNA is extracted from a given matrix (swabs, milk, organs or tissues) before the amplification step.

The IDBRU qPCR amplification kit includes:

  • A ready-to-use Amplification Reaction Mixture (ARM-BRU) which allows for the amplification and the detection of Brucella spp. DNA, as well as the endogenous and exogenous controls. It contains different sets of primers, probes and a master mix (including the polymerase) required to perform the qPCR amplification.
  • a Positive Amplification Control (PAC-BRU) which consists of a synthetic nucleic acid target. It allows the validation of the amplification of Brucella spp. specific-target DNA sequence.
  • An Exogenous Non-Target Positive Control (NTPC-BRU) which is composed of non-pathogenous bacteria. It is to be added to each sample to test, prior to the nucleic acids extraction step, to mimic the Brucella spp. target. Provided with the kit in a freeze-dried format. Once resuspended, its addition allows the validation of the good execution of all the analytical steps of the system (extraction, purification, amplification), for each sample.

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